Clarion movin’ on up in Silicon Valley — VIDEO

SUNNYVALE, Calif. — Clarion Corporation of America is moving to a larger facility in Silicon Valley that will include an indoor automotive electronics installation and testing bay.

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The commercial and marine mobile electronics company’s operations are focused on supporting the company’s in-vehicle information services and solutions business, as well as advanced hardware and software development programs for automotive and marine applications. Given the increasing influence of Apple and Google in the automotive space, as well as the growing presence of automotive manufacturers in the region, Clarion’s new office will also allow the company’s engineering and product development teams to work closer with Clarion’s strategic partners and customers in the Silicon Valley area.

“Since we began operations in Silicon Valley three years ago, Clarion has advanced forward as a key solution provider to not just automotive OEMs searching to harness more from their connected infotainment and safety systems but also to service providers looking for opportunities to monetize in-vehicle monitoring and cloud-based technologies,” said Paul S. Lachner, president of Clarion Corporation of America. “We have seen remarkable benefits associated with our presence in the Silicon Valley area, and with our new larger facility, we will be able to house more engineers and developers, which will in turn help Clarion advance its development capabilities as well as design new innovative products and solutions quicker.”

Video courtesy of Clarion

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